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Preventive Maintenance Tips

Cleaning Arc Trainer

If your club is like most, your Arc Trainers are likely to be one of the most popular pieces of equipment. Establishing a routine maintenance program is the best insurance for extending their life and providing maximum uptime. Please click on the following link for the first in a series of articles on equipment maintenance.

Cleaning Treadmills

Invariably it is cardio equipment that gets the most use in clubs and gyms. Of the different lines of cardio equipment, treadmills win out as the most used piece of equipment. They take a good deal of pounding. Please click on following link for a few tips to help maximize the uptime of your treadmills.

Maintaining Strength Equipment

With the spotlight widening on the benefits of strength training, health clubs and exercise facilities are seeing a dramatic increase in use of strength equipment. With all this lifting, pulling and pushing, maintenance of equipment is key to keeping it safe, trouble-free and looking good. Please click on the following link for tips on maximizing the life of strength equipment.

Cleaning and Maintaining 750 Bikes

One of the most popular exercise machines is the good old exercise bike. They’ve been around for decades, and can be found in pretty much every gym or health facility around the world. As with any piece of equipment, a little attention on a regular basis will keep them operating safely and flawlessly for a long time.

Caring for 530S Steppers

Cybex steppers are in service in many clubs and homes around the world. Those who use them love them! Following preventive maintenance tips will keep your Cybex 530S Stepper operating smoothly for years to come.