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Cleaning Arc Trainer

Keys to Trouble Free Arc Operation

If your club is like most, your Arc Trainers are likely to be one of the most popular pieces of equipment. Establishing a routine maintenance program is the best insurance for extending their life and providing maximum uptime.

Cleaning an Arc Trainer

Perspiration salts are highly corrosive and will leach into any microscopic openings in even the most impenetrable paint finishes. So it is very important to keep the equipment clean. Here are a few simple steps that can be taken to keep your Arc Trainers clean:
  • Users should be instructed to wipe up any liquid spills immediately and use GymWipes wipes on the equipment after each workout, to remove remaining perspiration from the handrails and painted areas.

  • Club staff should clean the Arcs at least once a week. Be sure to unplug the Arcs if they are the powered version to avoid any electrical problems. Wipe the Arcs with Cybex recommended GymWipes wipes. This cleans perspiration and dirt off the console and painted surfaces.

  • Grips and contact heart rates are subject to many kinds of contaminants, body oils, perspiration and hand lotions. These reduce the sensitivity of the sensors and interfere with the heart rate signal. Users should be instructed to have clean hands and maintain a constant, consistent grip when using the contact heart rate. The grips are the only area of the Arc that you should use alcohol to clean. This really helps to cut through the microscopic film and sometimes more obvious grime that can build up here.

  • Vacuuming around and under the Arc helps keep the dirt away. You can use a dry cloth to dust any areas you can’t reach with the vacuum cleaner.

  • The two drive belts in your Arcs do not need to be cleaned. However, they can be checked periodically, every 5000 miles or so, to insure they are not loose, worn or cracked. All that is required to access the belts is a Phillips head screwdriver. With the Arc turned OFF, remove the four screws securing the front plastic access cover. Inspect the belts for any signs of looseness, cracks or wear. If anything appears abnormal, notify Cybex customer service.

Please familiarize yourself with the maintenance section of your owner’s manual as it explains these procedures in greater detail. Should you have any questions regarding maintenance procedures, feel free to contact Cybex Customer Service for additional advice and assistance.