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Cleaning and Maintaining the 750 Upright and Recumbent Bike

One of the most popular exercise machines is the good old exercise bike. They’ve been around for decades, and can be found in pretty much every gym or health facility around the world. As with any piece of equipment, a little attention on a regular basis will keep them operating safely and flawlessly for a long time.


After each use, the bike should be wiped down with GymWipes wipes to remove any perspiration or liquid spills. If needed, a small amount of a mild cleaning solution can be applied to the cloth, and wiped on to the equipment. Of course, the cleaning solution should never be sprayed directly on to the bike. This can cause excessive moisture to get inside the bike’s mechanical or electronic components and cause damage or create an electrical hazard.

Cardio Touch grips should receive a little extra care to make sure they are wiped clean without excessive moisture. Cybex recommends GymWipes wipes. Perspiration buildup or moisture inside the grips can create a short circuit that, while posing no danger to the user, can prevent the heart rate display from working properly. The grips can be wiped down with a cleaning solution containing alcohol. This will remove any buildup of hand lotion, oils, body powder, etc. that can interfere with the heart rate signal. This is the ONLY part of the bike that this cleaning solution should be used.

While wiping the machine down, look for any obvious signs of wear. Peeling decals or keypads, loose shroud screws, crank bolts, paint scratches, and cracked or broken pedal straps are good examples of what to look for. These problems can be repaired or replaced in a timely fashion, before deteriorating to the point where the bike is unusable or uncomfortable to operate.

Preventive Maintenance

On a regular basis a more involved cleaning and inspection should be performed by the club maintenance staff or a qualified Cybex service technician. The frequency will depend on factors specific to your environment. For example, in a home or a quiet facility, an annual or bi-annual schedule may be appropriate. In a busy club or a dusty area, this should occur more frequently.

The tasks would include vacuuming the area under and around the bike, as well as the bike itself. Cybex recommends that the vent for the fan on the side of the 750C and 750R bikes be vacuumed every three months. This will keep any dust buildup from interfering with the air flow across the electronics inside the bike.

For all Cybex equipment, more specific details on performing these tasks can be found in the Maintenance section of your owner’s manual.

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