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Service FAQ's


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Collapse What maintenance procedures should be done to maintain my bike?What maintenance procedures should be done to maintain my bike?
Users should wipe down the machine after each workout with a GymWipes wipe to remove any residual sweat as it is corrosive to the metal surfaces and may cause rusting over time.
Your routine maintenance will include cleaning and inspecting.
Vacuum around the bike.
Wipe down with recommended cleaning products such as GymWipes or a mild solution of 10% household liquid dish soap and 90% warm water.
You can mix water with a small amount of liquid soap or use a 10% bleach solution for disinfecting purposes.
When cleaning the display or any electronics area, apply cleaning solution to a cloth first then wipe the display or use GymWipes wipes.
Spraying any cleaning solvent on the display can damage the electronics.
Collapse My bike feels like it is skipping or loosing resistance at times.My bike feels like it is skipping or loosing resistance at times.
You could have a problem with your bike’s brake.
If you purchased your product through a CYBEX dealer contact them or contact CYBEX Service directly using one of the following methods so we can assist you in trouble-shooting the problem and then, if necessary, refer an authorized service technician - phone 508.533.4300 or 888.462.9239, or fax a description of your symptoms to CYBEX customer service at 508.533.5183. You may also click on the following link to submit your request and receive a reference number in return.
Tech Support
Please have the model number and serial number of the CYBEX bike that you are calling about, a brief description of the problem symptoms and, if you know it, an approximate date of installation.