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Lose fat. Build muscle. Gain strength. Increase metabolism. Improve power.
SPARC does it all, more safely, because it’s biomechanically refined – providing exceptional results with low stress. This is HIIT evolved.

Click here to see SPARC in action.

  • Amp Up Your Training Zones & Group Classes.
    Supercharge your functional, suspension and other training zones. Electrify your boot camp, cross training and other small group classes.
  • High Performance Exercise. Low Stress. No Impact.
    SPARC is biomechanically engineered to be gentler on joints, encouraging your members to work harder by minimizing their perceived exertion.
  • Get On and Go.
    With its intuitive settings and design, SPARC is exceptionally simple. Simple to adjust. Simple to use. Simply amazing.

Sales Inquiry

Scott Moody

Founder and CEO of AthleteFIT & SoccerFIT Academy

From members of the US Women’s National Soccer Team as they trained to win the World Cup, elite CrossFit athletes preparing for the CrossFit Games, to our recreational athletes who want athletic gain, but don’t bounce back as quickly as they did before, the SPARC Trainer has been vital to their success. With the pounding athletes take in practice and in games, being able to combine both lower body power and low-stress endurance training has taken our small group training to new levels, with more intensity, deeper quality, and quicker recovery.


Totally does the job. Intense training with fast, quick results.

New addition for Crossfit! This is a cardio/strength device that allows me to push myself in a more appropriate way than the rowers.

What a workout! A powerful endurance tool that works on proper sprint form. Smooth both during rest and at higher resistance is where it needs to be.

High intensity. Low impact.

Great cross between running and cycling, strength and cardio training.