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Leg Extension

Superior design for every body.

An intuitive leg pad adjustment and optional range limitign deveice help ensure an easy-to-use, effective workout with the Prestige Leg Extension.

  • Optional Range Limiting Device lets users choose a comfortable starting position, while ensuring the resistance profile is always optimal.
  • Spring-assisted back pad makes it easy for users to get a natural and comfortable workout.
  • Offset input arm provides optimal positioning without affecting the starting angle of the knee.

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Configuration options

Proprietary Range Limiting Device maintains integrity of force curve while providing adjustment for appropriate starting position on Start and Total RLD versions.


Start RLD

Prestige VRS Leg Extension Start RLD takes the innovative leg extension and adds a proprietary Range Limiting Device to maintain the integrity of force curve and allow the user to determine the appropriate start position.

Total RLD

Prestige VRS Leg Extension Total RLD takes the same proprietary Range Limiting Device as the Start RLD and adds a locking shin pad to provide a more customized workout.