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The Truth on Fitness


The Cybex Research Institute, under the guidance of Dr. Paul Juris, has the directive of discovering the scientific truths that verify the information disseminated to the fitness community and the products engineered by Cybex International. In this section, "The Truth on Fitness", the Institute will examine a variety of pertinent fitness topics, and present credible basic science and evidence-based conclusions that will help our readers make smart decisions about their own fitness methods and practices. To learn more about the truth on fitness, click on a link below.

The Truth on Fitness: Does "Runner's Knee" Affect Only Runners?

Anterior knee pain is the most common complaint amongst physically active children and adults seeking medical treatment in sports medicine clinics, accounting for 62% of all knee injuries, according to Scott and Winter (1990).

The Truth on Fitness: Should we use Unstable Surfaces?

Physioballs, balance boards, tilt disks, foam rollers and pads, inflated rubber disks, and Bosu's™ are all objects conspicuously placed around the floors of virtually every gym. Collectively, they comprise a class of exercise known as unstable training. But should we use unstable surfaces? To read the full analysis presented by Dr. Paul Juris, click on the title above.

The Truth on Fitness: Does Focus of Attention Influence Performance Outcomes?

Spend enough time in a weight room, and you'll eventually hear a trainer ask their client, "can you feel your muscles contracting?" Sometimes the question takes the form of, "where do you feel it?" As if there is some doubt as to which muscles are actually working during a given exercise. In more deliberate approaches, some contemporary strength training modalities specifically direct the performer's attention to the activation of individual muscles.

The Truth on Fitness: Must the Knees Remain Behind the Toes?

Of the myriad tenets associated with ground based, or terminally fixed exercises, the most axiomatic appears to be the alignment of the knee over the foot.

The Truth on Fitness: To Prove or Not to Prove

When it comes to matters of finance, cash is king. This simple, yet powerful, phrase suggests that with all of the creative mechanisms for counting assets, the only thing with true intrinsic value is cash in hand.