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Cybex Workouts

The Cybex Research Institute and its Master Trainers have compiled a group of workouts to use on Cybex equipment. There are basic strength and cardio training programs, programs to use with the Bravo Functional Trainer and some exercises designed to help you improve your golf game. Remember to challenge yourself and keep track of your progress on the daily charts. Progression is the key to success in any fitness program.

The Bravo is a total training solution, offering more training options and versatility than any product in its class. Whether upper body, lower body, isolated, or fully integrated, the only limitation to the Bravo is the user's imagination. To get started download the Bravo Customized Set Up Guide and try following these Bravo routines for a complete upper and lower body workout. Bravo - Exercise Routine 1 and Bravo - Exercise Routine 2

If you are working out on Cybex Eagle NX Strength Systems then you are getting the best of the best! Cybex Eagle NX allows the serious trainer to condition each muscle to its maximum and the everyday user can get a workout that maximizes their time and ability level. The dual axis technology means that arms can move in a user-defined motion beyond the machine-prescribed path. Try this work out to get an introduction to Eagle NX and how to add variety to your routine with dual axis. Eagle NX Basic Fitness Program

It is always important to consult your physician before starting an exercise program. This is particularly true if any of the following apply to your current medical condition:

  • chest pain or pain in the neck and/or arm
  • shortness of breath
  • a diagnosed heart condition
  • joint and/or bone problems
  • currently taking cardiac and/or blood pressure medications
  • have not previously been physically active
  • dizziness
If none of these apply to you, start gradually and sensibly. However, if you feel any of the physical symptoms listed above when you start your exercise program, contact your physician right away. If one or more of the statements listed above applies to you, see your physician before beginning an exercise program. An exercise stress test may be used to help plan your exercise program.