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Experienced Work Force

Employees – Our number one resource

At Cybex, we believe that there is more to a world class factory than bricks and mortar. Our number one resource is our employees and our modern factory is designed to provide them a positive working environment. Features include a 175 seat education center for continuing education and employee training as well as a 3,000 square foot fitness center, which is available for on-site workouts. Cybex people exercise on Cybex equipment.

Manufacturing Skills

200 hands-on employees build Cybex strength products including welders, metal fabricators, powder coaters, and assemblers. We make our own weld tooling with 12 employees dedicated to this task. This means consistency – a Cybex part ordered five years from now is exactly the same as the part in the machine the day it was purchased. Our quality group uses a CCM machine to measure 1/1000th of an inch (a hair is 4/1000th of an inch!). These are the kind of tolerances that make our manufactured products the premium quality customers expect from the Cybex brand.


The Cybex safety record exceeds the industry average and is a record we are proud of. Because our employees are vital to producing what we believe is the world's finest fitness equipment, keeping those employees safe and productive is top priority. Our progressive safety programs are employee-driven, spearheaded by an employee-based safety committee with fifteen certified first responders. At the core is a monthly safety training program focused on providing a safe work environment for all Cybex employees.